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At Soliddhandagroup.com, we are dedicated to providing exceptional financial and business consulting services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. With a team of experienced professionals, we strive to empower businesses to thrive in today’s dynamic and competitive landscape.


SOLID DHANDAGROUP .COM is the brain child of Lawyer Mr Kingsuk Bhattacharjee ,whose  brief introduction is:-

CV of  Proprietor  Firm SOLID DHANDAGROUP .COM,  Mr. Kingsuk Bhattacharjee is attached below for your kind perusal. After taking Practical experience in Various sector of the  Business Finance as a Corporate Lawyer  Mr. Bhattacharjee, found the  same  field quite challenging and messy for himself  and his clients for the good reasons of diversity and complexity of the subject. Added to its vastness because of laws –bylaws and various interpretation of Rule book by Authorities. Even today it’s pretty difficult for a common man to handle the affairs alone. Added to this were the menace of opportunity seekers  who present themselves as Lawyer/CA but whose main intensions are to take advantage and milk the clients. 

Henceforth it  was decided to plant under one roof all Financial Service & Derivatives, so that a layman person can have all the info for his business related problems under one roof and can seek necessary guidance and right help in easy manner for easy transaction of business, thus SOLID DHANDAGROUP.COM came in to the existence.

Thus SOLID DHANDAGROUP.COM was created in the FY year 1998, and came in to existence with a motto that:-Client’s must meet us with a problem in any lateral or vertical of the finance field , offload it, and return back with a onetime solution, free of any worries. Since then we are serving clients for more than 25 years with same dedication in the field of business. Here we want to make each of our client tension free in every aspect of financial decision making and offering him a composite environment where he can access any info whether vertical / lateral about finance field, and make effective quick and right decision making about his business.

In these 23 years of long up and downs SOLID DHANDAGROUP.COM has managed to held its high and was able to deliver under every circumstances to its client SOLID DHANDAGROUP.COM. tirelessly work to meet the expectations of its clients.

As a result this firm has grown from one man army serving his client to 13 dedicated  working partners who always put their heart and soul and burn out for the client of SOLID DHANDAGROUP.COM to give reliable, quick, effective and timely service. As a result today from a single client SOLID DHANDAGROUP.COM has grown in  to 225 client bases organization in these 25 years of business as on today, and we proudly serve our every client whether new or old, big or small with the same zeal and fire of enthusiasm. We also give free advice on case to case basis or at our discretions take up challenging cases where other’s hesitate/ or doesn’t show the interest to turn up or hesitate or do not have the required skill & competence or confidence to represent you. You can simply be case specific and we offer you a solution for your problem at SOLID DHANDAGROUP.COM  in every sphere of Finance Field.  Allow us one chance to serve and you will appreciate our speed and TAT without any glitch/complain

Requesting you to visit the service charge page to have a glimpse for our  core competencies  & corresponding service rates for your easy understanding :

Hope you find the same quite modest and affordable in light of the current market scenario.

Awaiting to hear from you ASAP on a business proposal from your side.

You are requested to contact us using our contact info give on the page but this decision will be your entire personal solicitation.


  • House-570, Metro Politan Criminal Court Nampally, Hyderabad-500001
  • owner.soliddhanda@gmail.com
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